Beginner Computer Skills Games

By Chelsea Reed, Office of Adult Education

At KEYSPOT and myPLACE℠ Campuses across Philadelphia, many adults visit our computer labs because they are looking for support with basic computer skills. The mouse and keyboard are two areas in which our clients struggle. From searching for jobs, to retaining a career, adults need to have the skills to type their resumes, perform word processing activities, and use email accounts. Here are some great online tech tools that can help learners develop these basic skills:

1) Type
This typing exercise is embedded into the first lesson of our Intro to Adult Learning Course (IALC), a prerequisite for many myPLACE℠ learners. In IALC, lessons cover basic computer, study and job search skills. Learning coaches who support students throughout IALC love this game because it keeps the learners engaged and competitive – many learners continue to come back to this lesson to improve their word per minute and accuracy scores!


2) Mousercise
A program of the Palm Beach County Library, Mousercise, and their related mouse tutorial, Mousing Around, are fantastic tools that support folks learning to use the mouse in a fun, interactive, game-based model. Skills like double clicking, scrolling, and right-clicking are gateways that allow students to move into increased computer mastery. The certificate at the end can be customized and printed so students can mark their accomplishments.


3) Typing Club
Typing Club helps students learn to type by using comprehensive diagrams and stats to keep track of progress over time. Their easy-to-use interface and instructions make mastering the keyboard possible for even beginner students.


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