KEYSPOT Partnerships

By Shazia Hashmi, Office of Adult Education

The Office of Adult Education strives to connect KEYSPOT patrons with City services and resources. During fiscal year ’16, six non-profit KEYSPOT grant awardees work to establish new partnerships with City agencies and other non-profits, in addition to providing computer and job readiness trainings. These KEYSPOTs reported several exciting partnerships this quarter, allowing more Philadelphians to be connected to city and local resources. hosted a Coded by Kids youth class as well as a Philly311 Mobile Application training. The Philadelphia Youth Network will also provide WorkReady programming at PEC Families First this summer.

Philadelphia FIGHT’s AIDS Library KEYSPOT connected one patron who was interested in grant writing to the Foundation Center, a Free Library of Philadelphia service that hosts workshops and provides resources on fundraising, nonprofit management and general philanthropy.

Four grantees also connected clients who were actively searching for jobs and employment support with CareerLink and Job Gateway services. Philadelphia OIC hosted two popular presentations from CareerLink representatives that attracted 80 attendees.

We are thrilled to see these partnerships advance KEYSPOT’s goal of increasing awareness, access and adoption of City services and resources.

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