Digital Skills & Bicycle Thrills Takes Reunion Ride!

On Oct. 1, the Digital Skills, Bicycle Thrills (DSBT) team hosted a Reunion Ride for participants from all six cohorts of the innovative program. DSBT is a free four-week course on bicycle safety that builds computer skills and confidence in urban biking.The DSBT partnership includes OAE, Better Bike Share Partnership, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Indego, KEYSPOT and the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems.

25 course participants convened at the Capital One Café in Center City to enjoy team-building activities, provide feedback on the program and take a group ride. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia led the group on a route to Washington Square Park and back. The team is implementing feedback from evaluation surveys to improve the course for the next year of programming.

Future DSBT cohorts will resume starting Spring 2018 – stay tuned for more information!


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