Why ACHIEVEability is Considered West Philly’s “Gold Standard”

KEYSPOT empowers communities through technology by providing a network of over 50 community-based public access technology centers across Philadelphia. With over 50 sites, KEYSPOTs are active in many different communities by offering unique programs, including digital literacy trainings. ACHIEVEability, like most KEYSPOT community based organizations, is known for more than just serving as a KEYSPOT. For the Haddington and Cobbs Creek neighborhoods of West Philadelphia, ACHIEVEability’s Community Services Office is considered a trusted community resource for several reasons. They provide access to employment opportunities and Career Link employment information, payment of utility services to remedy shut-off notices. ACHIEVEability also gives voter registration assistance, help obtaining Pennsylvania public benefits, and enrollment in the Philadelphia Recycling Rewards program.

” We are a KEYSPOT but, it seems like we are so much more because we do so much more for them [KEYSPOT users],”ACHIEVEability’s community associate Rhonda Wilson said “When they come in we actually sit down and help them, from turning on the computer to logging on to the internet.” Rhonda expressed that there are regular patrons that come in to use the KEYSPOT lab through the week and receive basic internet help. She said that they often have to close ACHIEVEability’s doors late because, the patrons are so focused when working in the lab that they lose track of time.

ACHIEVEability is best known for providing affordable housing through its Family Self-Sufficiency Program in which single parents who meet the minimum requirements can receive help pursing a higher education, develop parenting and life skills as well as learning how to build assets and maintain employment. ACHIEVEability develops housing for families from abandoned homes and vacant lots that are located close to the resources needed by the families, which in turn helps contribute to a beautiful environment. ACHIEVEability staff also help facilitate a Neighborhood Advisory Committee program where elected community residents provide leadership and guidance on programs and activities. To go along with all the services ACHIEVEability offers, Director of Community Services, Erika Tapp said the organization has a partnership with Drexel University’s Side-By-Side, a program where professors go into the community and offer college courses.

“The classes are half Drexel University students and half community members in which students get credit for taking them & the courses are offered free of charge to the community members,” Tapp said “Each semester there is a different class offered and the most recent class was actually held in our computer lab.”

ACHIEVEability is a community pillar and this year, the organization will be expanding with a new headquarters at New Market West, a four story, 135,700 square foot hub near 60th and Market Streets in West Philadelphia.


ACHIEVEability staff is working hard to break the generational cycle of poverty from low income, single parents and homeless families with the variety of services they provide. If you are interested in volunteering with ACHIEVEability there are many opportunities to offer office coverage, host tables at various local events, help maintain employment resources and provide housing counseling or free tax preparation services.

For more information about ACHIEVEability and its Community Services Office please visit their website at https://www.achieveability.org or contact:

Erika Tapp, Director of Community Service at Etapp@achieve-ability.org

Yolanda Mack, Manager of Community Engagement & Services at Yolanda.mack@achieve-ability.org


Ronda Wilson, Community Associate at Rhonda.wilson@achieve-ability.org

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