Short Q & A with a Dornsife KEYSPOT Student Lab Assistant & Patron!

A short “Q & A” session with a Student Lab Assistant & patron explaining the impact Dornsife KEYSPOT has had in their lives:



Q: Why do you come to Dornsife KEYSPOT?

A: “My number one reason is convenience and the assistance that I can get.”

Q: How has Dornsife KEYSPOT helped you?

A: “I have gained a better understanding of the internet and computer use and the community as well, like activities and things that I can participate in.”

Q: How long have you been coming to Dornsife KEYSPOT and would you recommend it to a friend?

A: “I’ve been coming here close to a year. Yes, because it’s very resourceful and I’ve gotten a lot of resume help from Courtney Claiborne!”



Q: Could you tell me what interested you in becoming a KEYSPOT lab assistant?

A: “This is a work-study for me, I really like technology and when I received a list of options for work-study I read the description for KEYSPOT and knew that I wanted to help people. I don’t feel like I’ve made a huge impact but, I know being able to answer some of the broad questions that they have helps quite a bit. I find that emailing and editing for online submissions are the things that most patrons need help with.”


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