About Us

In the digital age, having a computer and the internet are essential. Without technology, applying for jobs, paying bills and talking to loved ones is increasingly difficult. This digital divide is a widespread challenge in Philadelphia. With rising costs and rapid changes in technology, more Philadelphians are being left behind each year.

Local leaders came together in Fall 2010 to launch the KEYSPOT Network to address the digital divide in Philadelphia. KEYSPOT computer labs were created in community organizations in all neighborhood of Philadelphia. Community members can visit their local KEYSPOT to create a resume, check their email, use social media and more – usage is unrestricted. KEYSPOTs are free to use and offer computer and job skill trainings.

Mission: KEYSPOT is a network of public, private, and nonprofit organizations that provide technology, training, and other opportunities through community-based public access centers. KEYSPOT is dedicated to improving education, economic, and social outcomes for all Philadelphians through technology.

Vision: KEYSPOT will position Philadelphia as a national leader for digital inclusion and a city where all people use technology to thrive.

KEYSPOT labs have continuously operated since 2010, with over 50 public-access computing centers located in public, private and nonprofit organizations. KEYSPOT is currently managed by the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Adult Education, with support from Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) and Drexel University.

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