Free Resources for Job Seekers

Chelsea Reed
Office of Adult Education

Many of the patrons who visit KEYSPOT public access computer centers across the city are job seekers who need to create resumes, cover letters, and apply for jobs. In today’s economy, digital literacy skills are just as critical to getting a job as having background knowledge and experience. In this post, we are sharing a roundup of favorite job seeking resources from KEYSPOT staff. Since most of our partners help job seeking clients in their daily work, we put together a list of some of our favorite free tools for assisting job seekers.
We hope you enjoy exploring these job seeking resources, and welcome you to add your own favorites in the comments below.
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1.       The PhilaWorks Resume Builder
Philadelphia Works has a Career Coach homepage for job seekers that provides local wage, employment, training data along with career suggestions and a Resume Builder.
Why we like the Resume Builder:

  • Unlike many other resume template sites, it doesn’t have ads or other “click bait” that can easily distract new computer users.
  • Patrons don’t need to sign up for an account to use it.
  • It allows patrons to search and select job titles, as well as tasks and skills related to that job.
  • Once you are done, you can send the resume in an email and/or download it as a Word document.
  • The resume formatting, once downloaded in Word, is easy to edit.

2. Google Drive

While many of our patrons already have Gmail accounts, few of them utilize Google Drive, the free cloud storage system that comes with apps for web-based word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.
Why we like Google Drive:

  • It’s in the cloud, meaning you can access Drive on any browser by typing ‘’ in the address bar
  • Unlike USBs, you can’t lose or break Drive
  • Auto-saves your work all the time
  • Provides an alternative to expensive Microsoft Office products (Docs, Sheets, Slides etc)
  • It is Smart phone compatible
  • Can save any kind of file: Word, PDF, JPEG, etc.
  • Can convert PDF to Text. It’s not perfect, but it beats the frustration that can come out of retyping a resume, and as long as the patron has a Google account, there is now a saved version

3. GCF Learn Free “Work and Career”

Why we like GCF Learn Free:

  • It is a quick resource, no email or password required
  • The site has a clean design, it is easy to navigate, free of ads or other distractions, and it is written clearly
  • The information is often presented in video format (like how to get a LinkedIn Account)
  • They also have an educators section where you can download curriculum that will help you use their resources for a structured job seeking class at your site