Wilco/Mobile Citizen Has New Low-cost Internet Offering to KEYSPOT Clients


[UPDATED DEC. 19, 2012] Internet in this day and time is essential to every household, but to many it is seen as a costly expense. Here at KEYSPOT, Powered by the Freedom Rings Partnership, we do not believe that a person’s income should stop them from having access to this important information source.

That is why The Freedom Rings Partnership is now pleased to share about another provider of low-cost Internet to Philadelphia residents. Wilco Electronic Systems Inc. and Mobile Citizen have teamed up to provide low cost high speed Internet to Philadelphia Residents. This new low-cost option, one of several now in the marketplace, comes with a free wireless modem, regularly priced at $100.

The cost for this plan is $14.95 to install and $14.95 monthly.

To receive more information about the Wilco/Mobile Citizen Internet service plan call 215-540-3930.

What is great about the Wilco option, is not only the price, but that it takes advantage of KEYSPOTS all over the city.

“Wilco was there at the beginning, when the Freedom Rings Partnership was conceived, and we were there when the Partnership created the KEYSPOT brand for its current initiative,” said Brigitte Daniel, Wilco executive vice-president.

Daniel emphasized that it was natural for Wilco -- which focuses on a community-centered approach to providing digital cable and satellite television --  to work with Mobile Citizen, and to partner with Freedom Rings to leverage KEYSPOT learning with broadband adoption in the home.

“Many of our customers are the target audience of KEYSPOTS. They are going to these neighborhood locations all over the city and learning about all the great things they can do over broadband Internet,” Daniel said, adding “The next logical step is a reliable, affordable option in the home. We are glad to be able to say to KEYSPOT clients, if you take a few classes and want to do more in the privacy of your own home – well we have a great option for you!”

To qualify for this Internet option you must visit a KEYSPOT for Internet access or to take a class. This includes the special KEYSPOT netbook program for Philadelphia Housing Authority residents. Applicants cannot have had Internet service in the last 90 days and must live in a coverage area.

Wilco/Mobile Citizen is one of at least three, low-cost Internet providers, now providing low-income residents with multiple options. Other options include:

Comcast Internet Essentials for $9.95 a month. Learn more about Internet Essentials at their website, or call 855-846-8376.

Verizon DSL for $14.99 a month. To get this price, you must have Verizon home phone service. To learn more about Verizon DSL call 888-588-0875.

For more information about KEYSPOT free training program call 311 or visit https://www.phillykeyspots.org/events.

For more information about the PHA Free Netbook program call 267-281-4592.

And again, to receive more information about the Wilco/Mobile Citizen Internet service plan call 215-540-3930.