Computer Skills

Build you digital literacy skills with the resources below:

GCF Learn Free: Step-by-step video trainings that guide learners through many computer skills, from basics and online safety to social media and using the cloud.

Digital Learn: Self-guided video tutorials that cover skills from creating accounts and passwords to using Skype and buying plane tickets online.

Northstar Digital Literacy Project: Self-guided online lessons that assess basic computer skills.

Connecticut Distance Learning ConsortiumThis computer course for beginners has modules on Computer Skills, E-Mail Skills, Word Processing Skills and Web Skills.

WebWise: BBC put this handy computer guide together with lessons on Email & Sharing, Living & Interests and Safety & Privacy.

Microsoft Office Help: Guides for Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and OneDrive.

Low-Cost Internet or Technology Equipment

Federal Lifeline: federal program that provides a monthly benefit on home or wireless phone and broadband service to eligible households.

Assurance Wireless: Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program brought to you by Virgin Mobile

Internet Essentials: This Comcast service offers low-cost Internet, discounted computer equipment and free digital literacy training to families and eligible seniors.

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